Sfida accettata

Girando per vari blog ho trovato questo estratto sulle finestre modali / pop-up.

It’s not that users are morons or that they “forget” to think. It’s that users are trained to not think. Users very quickly learn from experience that:

  • Dialog boxes are modal. But users do not think of them as “modal”, they think of them as “preventing me from getting any work done until I get rid of them.”
  • Dialog boxes almost always go away when you click the leftmost or rightmost button.
  • Dialog boxes usually say “If you want to tech the tech, you need to tech the tech with the teching tech tech. Tech the tech? Yes / No”
  • If you press one of those buttons, something happens. If you press the other one, nothing happens. Very few users want nothing to happen — in the majority of cases, whatever happens is what the user wanted to happen. Only in rare cases does something bad happen.

In short, from a user perspective, dialog boxes are impediments to productivity which provide no information. It’s like giving shocks or food pellets to monkeys when they press buttons — primates very quickly learn what gives them the good stuff and avoids the bad.

Come non essere completamente d’accordo!

Che strategie possiamo adottare per evitare di ricadere sempre nelle dialog-box / finestre pop-up?

Jeff Atwood suggerisce:

Well designed software avoids asking the user questions by…

Anticipating user needs (wizards, templates, autocomplete, IUI).
Remembering past preferences and using that to better anticipate future needs.
Silently and automatically protecting the user from the consequences of any negative actions (versioning, undo).

Inoltre suggerisce anche di porsi come obiettivo di realizzare una UI completamente senza dialog box. Sfida accettata!


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