Keep it going

It has been nine months since the opening of this blog and it’s time to make a look back. I started this adveture to record some interesting readings, some thoughts and to exercise in writing. I also started because I read all over my Twitter timeline and other developers’ blog that opening a blog and start writing technical things down makes you a better developer. Being a better developer is what makes me tick and so this place was born.


In the very first period I updated my social profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter) and setup the basics of the blog: the name, the graphical theme and the pages where I talk about who I am.

The blog started in Italian because it was meant for my personal exercise. I found that it was true: writing things in a good form (not just tech notes or tech e-mail at work for you or your team) that is in a very minimal way pleasant to read improves your knowledge about a subject. I have to research, to read twice to provide scripts and images, and so on. Now I write in English because I want to practice and because English is the main language in the IT world. Anyway, I won’t stop to write some posts in Italian.

I’ve a schedule that I can live with of 2-3 posts a week. This is the most difficult part. It was easier at the beginning: everything was new but being constant is the hardest thing.


No matter what I have to keep up and go on because I’m receiving positive feedback from this experience that I want to maintain and possibly amplify. My plan for the near future is to became Always better in English technical writing about the subject I like the most: Windows, C# and possibly a bit of Unity 3D engine.





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