Prism UWP for beginners: events

In this post we explore another major component of Prism: the EventAggregator. The Prism library provides an event mechanism to communicate between loosely coupled components in the application. Using .NET Framework events is the most straightforward approach for communication between components if loose coupling is not a requirement. Events in the .NET Framework implement the … Continue reading Prism UWP for beginners: events

Only the code tells the truth

Treat your code like any other composition, such as a poem, an essay, a public blog, or an important email. Craft what you express carefully, so that it does what it should and communicates as directly as possible what it is doing; so that it still communicates your intention when you are no longer around. … Continue reading Only the code tells the truth

3+ ways to try to be a better team leader

You did it! Now you're in charge. You are the team leader of your deparment. Now what? It's hard to be a leader. It's even harder to be a respected one. How do you earn the trust of your teammates? How do you know if they respect you and if they will follow you? These … Continue reading 3+ ways to try to be a better team leader

Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

In this post we'll talk about the navigation with Prism in UWP. With navigation I mean the technique to go from one page to another of your app. The operation in UWP/XAML is tipically performed with the Frame class that's available only in the code-behind of a Page because it inherits from Frame. This way … Continue reading Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

Prism UWP for beginners: setup

I want to learn Prism because it may be helpful in some future projects of my company. To better understand how it works I need a target. I'd like to create a simple UWP app that displays my Twitter timeline and the local weather based on the GPS. Prism will help me to adopt the MVVM architeture and IoC/DI concepts.