Why you should care about DevOps

When I think about the theoretical aspect of DevOps I think about the three ways. But what are the real day to day benefits of DevOps? Why should you care?

You should because you’ll see your team evolve, grow and the people feel empowered and involved in the project. The quality of your product will improve and you’ll spend less time fixing bugs and more adding features.

To us everything started about one year and a half ago. The start was slow and uncertain, we didn’t understand what does it take to evolve, improve and keep the engineering team writing code at the same time. It seemed impossible to achieve what we read in the books and in blog posts about DevOps.

Today I look back and I see all the road that we did together and I almost don’t believe it.

The thing is that this is an intense period for us and nonetheless the team morale is high, we are confident that we’ll succeed and obstacles will be defetead. Why? Because of DevOps. Step-by-step in the past months we challenged ourselves looking for ways to improve in every aspect. We trust each other and the best practices and process we’ve built and continue to improve relentlessly.
Note that I don’t talk about tools, I talk about people, process and trust.
Tools are only a consequence, they help to achieve the goal but people are the biggest part DevOps.

If you can start a DevOps initiative in your team/company start right now. You’ll discover hidden skills in people you work with and the tremendous increment of productivity that you’ll get. You have to be patient, though. People and existing process have lots of inertia and are hard to change. Start small and never give up. Start with little things to achieve early little wins and positive feedback and keep it going. A little a change at a time you’ll evolve in something that today you can’t even predict. Enjoy a better way to work, build your own DevOps culture!


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