Deliberate practice

Why are you performing a task? Quite often it is because you're at work and your job is to complete that task. If your task become to improve yourself and your abilities you're doing deliberate practice. Your focus now is to gain or master a new skill. Take your time and focus on the process, … Continue reading Deliberate practice

Import from JIRA to VSTS in 5 steps

In previous posts I documented some features of VSTS and a few scenarios of Application Lifecycle Management. If you like VSTS it's likely that you want to move your existing project from your current platform to VSTS. I'm currently planning a migration from JIRA to VSTS at work and here I am to share my … Continue reading Import from JIRA to VSTS in 5 steps

Clean your Windows 10 like a pro

The space on your hard drive is running low and you don't know what to do. What to clean? Is there an app that can clean my PC? The vast majority of Windows users rely on third party apps like CCleaner to do this job. Make yourself a favor: don't do this. Windows has a … Continue reading Clean your Windows 10 like a pro