Deploy a new IIS Web Site with Azure DevOps Pipelines

I was experimenting with deploying a completely new Web Site to a machine with a brand new IIS installation to see what are the required parameter to do a basic deployment.
I share here my findings.

  • The best approach is to deploy with a deployment group job. This way can use the IIS tasks that Microsoft provides that don’t rely on WinRM.
Deployment group job
  • When we want to create a brand new Web Site we have to double check to enable the Add Binding option and the configure authentication.
IIS Website Config
  • For this exepriment my binding was to unassigned IPs and port 80.
Auth config
  • I also configured a dedicated App Pool for this Web Site.
Application Pool config
  • The next 2 steps in the Deployment Group Job where pretty easy: we deploy the website content and then we start the Web Site.

Well done! Now we can deploy a Web Site with Azure DevOps! This is the final result for my experiment.

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