My first six months at Microsoft

Today it’s an important day because it’s six months that I’m working at Microsoft and it’s the end of the probationary period.

I’ll remember forever my first day when I entered from main entrance at the Microsoft House in Milan and asked for a temporary badge because I was a new hire. One year and half before I entered the same door to attend a free workshop about Desktop Bridge and asked for a guest badge. I looked at everything with different eyes and many emotions. Life can be very rewarding if you have an objective and you work for it.

That day, I put the badge onto a sensor near a door and the door opened, I thought: “It’s real! I’m not dreaming!”.

Then, I met my first team-mate: he showed me the building and helped me to find the meeting room where there was the conference call with the others European Microsoft offices to introduce to other new hires like me how Microsoft works, the procedures to follow during our first days and to give us a very warm welcome. It was during that meeting that I started to feel the Microsoft energy and pace. Everything was running fast: information, procedure, internal tools, how to do this and that. I thought that it was obvious because it was a completely new company and as such there is a lot to learn. This is kind of true because the things slow down a little bit but at Microsoft you’re always learning something: a new technology or product, a new tool, an advice from your mentor or from your manager, how the business works, and the list goes on.

As a Microsoft employee you get access to an almost infinite amount of resources for learning all kind of stuff. You can rent books at the Microsoft library, watch internal training and sessions videos, access learning platforms like Pluralsight that provides access for Microsoft FTEs. But the most striking thing is that you’re surrounded by very clever people and you can learn so much from them both in soft and hard skills. You can reach via Teams everyone in the company (you can potentially start messaging with the CEO Satya Nadella if you’ve the courage to do it!). Everyone is ready to help. It’s an enormous virtual team where everyone strives to have an impact.

At Microsoft you are encouraged to take initiatives, propose things, try, fail, and improve.

One of my first engagements with a customer didn’t deliver as expected and everyone in my team (manager and team-mates) was supportive and made me think at how I could have done things differently, and the actions to take to avoid the same thing in the future. Nobody blamed or was angry with me. You’re encouraged to think about your career development plan and to take actions to make it happen. The manager helps you to achieve that and she’s a guide and constantly monitoring if you’re stretching and asking questions to yourself to understand how you’re performing and where you would like to improve.

The growth mindset inspired by and promoted by Satya Nadella is tangible everyday and it’s not just a buzzword.

This is just the beginning of my journey at Microsoft and can’t wait to see how the future will be.


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