Docker PowerShell commands and AutoHotKey

Commands I'm doing quite a few exercies with Docker in the last fiew days. I start to notice that I need a toolkit of useful commands to cleanup all the containers or images that I move around. I record here, for future memory, a collection of useful PowerShell script. Bonus point: an AHK (AutoHotKey) script … Continue reading Docker PowerShell commands and AutoHotKey

GLV OnAir Febbraio 2019 – Video Link

Qualche settimana fa GLV ha trasmesso il suo episodio di GLV OnAir di febbraio 2019. La puntata è andata in onda col solito formato di 3 sessioni da 30 minuti ciascuna che elenco qui di seguito: GLV OnAir 2019-02- Terraform For Azure: the Good, the bad and the Ugly (Giulio Vian) GLV OnAir 2019-02- DevOps … Continue reading GLV OnAir Febbraio 2019 – Video Link

Marco e Andrea

Questo post è dedicato a Marco e ad Andrea. Le trasferte in macchina con le infinite chiacchierate degli argomenti più disparati e disperati, le lunghe telefonate, le incazzature, le installazioni dai clienti con i modem a chiavette 3G, gli errori, i successi, le assistenze in treno ai clienti collegati in hotspot ai 200 e passa … Continue reading Marco e Andrea

Hard work does not pay off

Today I was chatting with a friend about working late hours and he said that he has to much to do and he's stressed. This piece from Olve Mundal in 97 things Every Programmer Should know came to my mind. As a programmer, working hard often does not pay off. You might fool yourself and … Continue reading Hard work does not pay off

Test-Driven Development by Example – Quick Review

Test-Driven Development by bxample by Kent Beck is one of the most famous book on software construction and for a reason. Score ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰/5 Cover Cover Quick Review The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 - The Money Example. An example of typical model code written with TDD.Part 2 - The xUnit Example. A … Continue reading Test-Driven Development by Example – Quick Review