Test-Driven Development by Example – Quick Review

Test-Driven Development by bxample by Kent Beck is one of the most famous book on software construction and for a reason. Score ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰/5 Cover Cover Quick Review The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 - The Money Example. An example of typical model code written with TDD.Part 2 - The xUnit Example. A … Continue reading Test-Driven Development by Example – Quick Review

The Goal: A process of ongoing improvement – Quick review

Score ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ / 5 Cover Quick review I read this book because it is listed inside the bibliography of The Phoenix Project and this was a good reason to go for it. The book is written as a novel and explains the Theory of Constraints inside the process of growth of the main character, Alex … Continue reading The Goal: A process of ongoing improvement – Quick review

I principi di Dale Carnegie

Sto ripassando, dopo un po' troppi mesi, i testi di Dale Carnegie. Metto qui a futura memoria e per rapida consultazione l'elenco dei principi trattati. Principi Dale Carnegie Tecniche fondamentali per trattare con la gente Non criticare, non recriminare, non giudicare. Siate prodighi di apprezzamenti onesti e sinceri. Suscitate negli altri la vostra stessa volontà. … Continue reading I principi di Dale Carnegie

Reading – The Manager’s Path

I'm currently reading Camille Fournier's "The Manager's Path". It's a practical guide to be a better manager in tech. The are some general management principles but it is very specific for the tech/software world. I find it very inspiring and it makes me think about how I interact every day with my team: what am … Continue reading Reading – The Manager’s Path