Xamarin Forms & .NET Standard: basic navigation

In the last post about Xamarin Forms we’ve started to see the basic concepts on how to begin the development of a cross-Platform application. In this post we’re going to explore some basic navigation concepts and some tips to organize our solution. Also, we’ll develop a simple CrossPlatformApp that welcomes us with a main screen…… Continue reading Xamarin Forms & .NET Standard: basic navigation

Xamarin Forms & .NET Standard – Getting started

In this blog post we’re going to lay the basis for future posts about Xamarin Forms. We’ll explore briefly what’s Xamarin Forms and why it’s so powerful. Then we’ll talk about .NET Standard and we’ll understand why it’s a very big achievement for the .NET ecosystem. Xamarin Forms Xamarin Forms is an API to develop…… Continue reading Xamarin Forms & .NET Standard – Getting started

.Net Core basics

Microsoft is pushing hard with .NET Core and everyone can see that they are very proud of it. I never gave too much attention to it but now it’s time. So I started from scratch. What is .NET Core? .NET Core is a cross-Platform free and open-source managed software framework – Wikipedia NET Core is…… Continue reading .Net Core basics