Deploy a new IIS Web Site with Azure DevOps Pipelines

I was experimenting with deploying a completely new Web Site to a machine with a brand new IIS installation to see what are the required parameter to do a basic deployment.I share here my findings. The best approach is to deploy with a deployment group job. This way can use the IIS tasks that Microsoft…… Continue reading Deploy a new IIS Web Site with Azure DevOps Pipelines

Docker PowerShell commands and AutoHotKey

Commands I’m doing quite a few exercies with Docker in the last fiew days. I start to notice that I need a toolkit of useful commands to cleanup all the containers or images that I move around. I record here, for future memory, a collection of useful PowerShell script. Bonus point: an AHK (AutoHotKey) script…… Continue reading Docker PowerShell commands and AutoHotKey

GLV OnAir Febbraio 2019 – Video Link

Qualche settimana fa GLV ha trasmesso il suo episodio di GLV OnAir di febbraio 2019. La puntata è andata in onda col solito formato di 3 sessioni da 30 minuti ciascuna che elenco qui di seguito: GLV OnAir 2019-02- Terraform For Azure: the Good, the bad and the Ugly (Giulio Vian) GLV OnAir 2019-02- DevOps…… Continue reading GLV OnAir Febbraio 2019 – Video Link

Marco e Andrea

Questo post è dedicato a Marco e ad Andrea. Le trasferte in macchina con le infinite chiacchierate degli argomenti più disparati e disperati, le lunghe telefonate, le incazzature, le installazioni dai clienti con i modem a chiavette 3G, gli errori, i successi, le assistenze in treno ai clienti collegati in hotspot ai 200 e passa…… Continue reading Marco e Andrea

Test-Driven Development by Example – Quick Review

Test-Driven Development by bxample by Kent Beck is one of the most famous book on software construction and for a reason. Score ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰/5 Cover Cover Quick Review The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 – The Money Example. An example of typical model code written with TDD.Part 2 – The xUnit Example. A…… Continue reading Test-Driven Development by Example – Quick Review