ALM DOs and DON’Ts – Unit test

A unit test is a runnable piece of code that verifies that another piece of code (called production code) does what it is supposed to do. A unit test has many characteristics and one of the most important is that a single unit test must verify one and only one thing. If a unit test specifies more … Continue reading ALM DOs and DON’Ts – Unit test

UWP Prism Unit Test

I’m sure we all hear about unit testing, test driven development and so on. These practices are useful and provide a long list of benefit like writing low-coupled and mantainable code to name a few. We want to write unit test for our UWP Prism application and we’d like, for example, to put our ViewModels … Continue reading UWP Prism Unit Test

Strive for tests

Testing “hard” things is tough because you have to build them to test them,which discourages speculative building just to see what will happen. But thebuilding process in software is ridiculously cheap. We’ve developed an entireecosystem of tools that make it easy to do just that: unit testing, mock objects,test harnesses, and lots of other stuff. … Continue reading Strive for tests

Archivio ma non troppo

Avevo la necessità di scrivere un test per il metodo Acquisisci() di una classe per la l’importazione di alcuni file di testo. Questo metodo al suo interno esegue, in pseudocodice: … Importa(file); //Legge il file e salva il suo contenuto nel db. Archivia(file); //Sposta il file in una cartella di archivio. … Il mio scopo … Continue reading Archivio ma non troppo