CQRS by Example – Simple ASP.Net CORE implementation

In this blog post we’re going to explore a simple ASP.Net Core CQRS WebApi project. The code for this tutorial exposes a demonstrative API to manage a blog. The source code is available on my GitHub account. This post continues from the introduction post about CQRS. Get started To follow this tutorial the first thing…… Continue reading CQRS by Example – Simple ASP.Net CORE implementation

CQRS by example – Introduction

I’m doing some R&D for a future project at work and I’m currently exploring some architectural prototypes. In the last few weeks I explored the CQRS pattern. CQRS thanks to the separation of the read/query services from the action/command services enables us to do many things. At a very basic level applying CQRS means something…… Continue reading CQRS by example – Introduction