How to fix 8000000A error when building VDPROJ

The Microsoft Visual Studio Setup Project is an old technology to create installer developed by Microsoft. It is out of support from nearly a decade and not present in Visual Studio anymore but when I visit customer sites I find legacy technologies and I need to deal with it on the short-term. A couple of … Continue reading How to fix 8000000A error when building VDPROJ

Deliberate practice

Why are you performing a task? Quite often it is because you're at work and your job is to complete that task. If your task become to improve yourself and your abilities you're doing deliberate practice. Your focus now is to gain or master a new skill. Take your time and focus on the process, … Continue reading Deliberate practice

Xamarin Forms & .NET Standard – Getting started

In this blog post we're going to lay the basis for future posts about Xamarin Forms. We'll explore briefly what's Xamarin Forms and why it's so powerful. Then we'll talk about .NET Standard and we'll understand why it's a very big achievement for the .NET ecosystem. Xamarin Forms Xamarin Forms is an API to develop … Continue reading Xamarin Forms & .NET Standard – Getting started

How to get started with Visual Studio Team Services

In this post we’re going to explore how to get a full enterprise-grade development platform for free in 4 steps. Microsoft is offering for free the same environment that all of its sw engineers use every day to us. In this specific post we’ll see how to get started from zero and at the end … Continue reading How to get started with Visual Studio Team Services

UWP Prism Unit Test

I’m sure we all hear about unit testing, test driven development and so on. These practices are useful and provide a long list of benefit like writing low-coupled and mantainable code to name a few. We want to write unit test for our UWP Prism application and we’d like, for example, to put our ViewModels … Continue reading UWP Prism Unit Test