Improve leadtime and workflow with WIP limits on VSTS

A powerful method to keep or make a customer happy is to satisfy his needs quickly. In our typical very busy day we do a lot of things and this hurts our ability to concentrate and focus. This is true for us individually but this is also true as a team. Little's Law We can … Continue reading Improve leadtime and workflow with WIP limits on VSTS

Reading – The Manager’s Path

I'm currently reading Camille Fournier's "The Manager's Path". It's a practical guide to be a better manager in tech. The are some general management principles but it is very specific for the tech/software world. I find it very inspiring and it makes me think about how I interact every day with my team: what am … Continue reading Reading – The Manager’s Path

Only the code tells the truth

Treat your code like any other composition, such as a poem, an essay, a public blog, or an important email. Craft what you express carefully, so that it does what it should and communicates as directly as possible what it is doing; so that it still communicates your intention when you are no longer around. … Continue reading Only the code tells the truth