Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

In this post we’ll talk about the navigation with Prism in UWP. With navigation I mean the technique to go from one page to another of your app. The operation in UWP/XAML is tipically performed with the Frame class that’s available only in the code-behind of a Page because it inherits from Frame. This way…… Continue reading Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

How to get started with Prism in 3 easy steps

In this post we explore the basics of Prism to create a mantainable and scalable WPF application. How to get started Download the nuget Prims.Xyz package for your Platform: in this example for WPF (Prims.WPF and Prism.Unity) with Visual Studio; Create a bootstrapper; Edit App.xaml and App.xaml.cs files; (Bonus point) Reorganize our project. With this…… Continue reading How to get started with Prism in 3 easy steps