How to fix Windows 10 Broken Search Bar

If your Windows 10 Search Bar is broken you're encountering an issue that is spreading to many Windows 10 users at the time of this writing. This is NOT an official statement (I'm not responsible for any side effects caused by this) about how to fix but running this script inside a PowerShell session with … Continue reading How to fix Windows 10 Broken Search Bar

Clean your Windows 10 like a pro

The space on your hard drive is running low and you don't know what to do. What to clean? Is there an app that can clean my PC? The vast majority of Windows users rely on third party apps like CCleaner to do this job. Make yourself a favor: don't do this. Windows has a … Continue reading Clean your Windows 10 like a pro

WPF Prism concepts: regions

If you are a developer in the Microsoft environment and if you're developing desktop apps, it's likely that you've read something about Prism.  If you don't then this is what Prism is about: Prism is a framework for building loosely coupled, maintainable, and testable XAML applications in WPF, Windows 10 UWP, and Xamarin Forms. (from … Continue reading WPF Prism concepts: regions

Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

In this post we'll talk about the navigation with Prism in UWP. With navigation I mean the technique to go from one page to another of your app. The operation in UWP/XAML is tipically performed with the Frame class that's available only in the code-behind of a Page because it inherits from Frame. This way … Continue reading Prism UWP for beginners: navigation

Prism UWP for beginners: setup

I want to learn Prism because it may be helpful in some future projects of my company. To better understand how it works I need a target. I'd like to create a simple UWP app that displays my Twitter timeline and the local weather based on the GPS. Prism will help me to adopt the MVVM architeture and IoC/DI concepts.

How to get started with Prism in 3 easy steps

In this post we explore the basics of Prism to create a mantainable and scalable WPF application. How to get started Download the nuget Prims.Xyz package for your Platform: in this example for WPF (Prims.WPF and Prism.Unity) with Visual Studio; Create a bootstrapper; Edit App.xaml and App.xaml.cs files; (Bonus point) Reorganize our project. With this … Continue reading How to get started with Prism in 3 easy steps

Integrate Azure Cognitive Services in UWP app

Azure Cognitive Services are an amazing tool than enables developers to augment users' experience using the power of machine-based intelligence. The API set is powerful and provides lots of features that are organized in categories: vision, speech, language, knowledge, search, and labs. In this post we learn how to leverage the Emotion API to get … Continue reading Integrate Azure Cognitive Services in UWP app

Servizio WCF ospitato nei Windows Services

Mi sono sempre chiesto la differenza tra ospitare un servizio WCF in IIS e nei Windows Services (services.msc, per capirsi). Così mi sono documentato e ho trovato quanto segue nell’MSDN. Non contento ho fatto una prova completa dalla creazione del progetto all’installazione e interrogazione del servizio per capirci di più. Metto a disposizione il download … Continue reading Servizio WCF ospitato nei Windows Services

Aggiornare un servizio di Windows via Powershell

Avete implementato un servizio di Windows e, come è consuetudine, avete scoperto un bug e lo avete risolto. Ora bisogna aggiornare il servizio. Siccome il mio codice ha spesso dei bug mi è capitato di dover ripetere più volte questo processo: Compila la dll con la correzione; Spegni il servizio nel server; Sostituisci la dll; … Continue reading Aggiornare un servizio di Windows via Powershell